Emerging artist development with MĪRAJ

Emerging artist development is an entirely different in a world with digital marketing.

The MĪRAJ brand came about in early discussions with the artist, he wanted a unique identity that was mysterious and tied to his heritage. He wanted he wanted to reach an audience, that enjoyed listening to RnB music and had a strong connection with the city of Toronto.

Emerging artist development


Artist Development

His sound is inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Miguel, and established artists from the Toronto scene. Motivated recently in life to write his own music, and establish his own sound, he has experimented with different techniques to perfect his craft. His first release was a remix to Drake’s Hit Single “How Bout Now”, which got a good response. Since then he has released two Mixtapes and will soon release another one. This will be his first EP that he will release in its entirety on iTunes, establishing his official debut.



To promote his new release, there will be reviews and post from various different music blogs linking back to his website and social channels. A Facebook and AdWords campaign will launch to promote the new EP on iTunes. There will also be other social influencers on Instagram and Twitter posting about his new. Furthermore, there will be a launch party where other musicians and media will be invited to get a sneak peak of the EP in advance of its launch.


Visit his website here.

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