Trying to grow social media organically?

Trying to grow social media organically?

Trying to grow Social Media organically? Frequency, relevancy, and quality are your answers to successful growth. I can’t count the number of times brands and social marketers have failed to deliver on these three aspects. In addition to failing to deliver on these aspects, the one-solution-fits-all strategy that many marketers implement does not work well.


Trying to grow social media organically?

In an effort to grow my own Social Media organically I look at proven data first. The chart below is provided by and is for my own social media handle @jacobdowney. As you can see, I get most of my engagement on Twitter at 9 in the morning. I guess when people get into work, they look at my Twitter?

Trying to grow social media organically?

For your own brand or company, you should use similar tools to find an optimal post time. I wouldn’t want to post a new campaign at 6 in the morning because I’d get less than 50 views. There would be no point in posting anything prior to 9 in the morning. This, of course, can change depending on your reach of followers; you might have a large global audience and require posting at all hours of the day or you might have a local audience where it only makes sense to post when you’re awake. In either case, there will always be optimal posting times.

According to an analysis by Wiselytics, Twitter posts peak in as little as 24 minutes — nearly four times shorter than the 90-minute half-life of a Facebook post. After about 3 hours on Twitter, the post reaches its potential engagement. On Facebook, it takes 5 hours. What does this mean in terms of frequency? There is no single strategy that fits everyone but as a general rule; post should be more frequent on Twitter than on Facebook and at different times.

What do to

  • Use a tool to find optimal posting times.
  • Schedule post according to your geographic audience (Time Zones).
  • Let each network compliment each other for your campaign.
  • If you need to repeat posts to gain a larger audience, you can but make sure it is presented in different ways or media formats. – Wiselytics

What Not To Do

  • Repeat the exact same content on the same day
  • Post the exact same content on all your networks
  • Post to all networks at the same time


Trying to grow social media organically?

When trying to grow social media organically, relevancy is also crucial. If I started to post about the housing market and real estate on my Twitter, I would be off topic and the chances are I would lose followers and people would lose interests in my posts. Every single day I see brands and companies trying to post things that have no relevance to them. Your audience plays a large role in relevancy and which network to post what content to.

Facebook is probably the network where relevancy counts the most. People will only like your page if they like your brand and company. They are inviting you into their private network of content. As soon as you start posting irrelevant content people will often get upset and comment or dislike your post which could end up having a negative impact on your brand. The unique thing about Facebook is the amount of rich data there is about your audience. Use this to your advantage! This is also the key factor to growing organically on Facebook. If your content is relevant, it will be shared and you’ll reach new potential customers…without paying!


Trying to grow social media organically?

Quality is especially important on Facebook and Instagram’s networks. Facebook has even created an algorithm to determine which posts are high quality. I’d suggest you check their article to see if your posts match their criteria here. People are attracted to visuals instantly on these platforms, so if you post an image that is low quality, that is a big no-no. Beyond the actual technical quality of the image, it is also important that this post is tastefully done and follows the rules above. If you constantly post a great image that is composed of a person frowning but the post is a contest and it is repeated over and over again chances are you’re going to lose followers and trust. I’ll be posting more about how the Quality of your social media posts can grow your organic reach in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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